Staying at home with ductless Heating plus Air Conditioning

Wow, I don’t know I’ve gone through this much transition in such a short time in our life. Of course, I’m sure that those who have adolescents deal with way more change than I’ve had in the last nearly three years. Three years ago, I was laboring inside the zone controlled Heating plus Air Conditioning of a great office downtown. This was our dream job plus the one I had worked so hard in school to land, but yet, it was taking an immediate toll on me with the fifths that I was laboring plus the levels of stress that I was enduring. Then, the pandemic hit plus the beginning of the swings began. Immediately, I was sent home from the commercial Heating plus Air Conditioning of that awesome office to work remotely from home. I really wasn’t even sure that I wouldn’t be laid off plus be out of a job. Secretly, I wasn’t too against that option as the stress of that work environment really started taking it’s toll. I was honestly surprised at how well plus instantly I got comfortable laboring from our own central air conditioning. I swiftly had so much less interruptions plus conflict going on while laboring from home. And the quality of our work reflected the focus that I was now able to bring to our job. Fast forward nearly three years plus I’m still here. But I took the guest room, added a ductless heat pump plus created the perfect kitchen. I decided to not go back to the zone controlled Heating plus Air Conditioning of the office plus avoid that environment. My bosses are so content with our work that I’m going to be staying remote going forward.

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