The weather is warming up again

Even though it is fall, the weather is doing something really weird this year. It’s heating up again outside, after it had already started cooling down for the year. We have been having beautiful fall weather which was nice and brisk and cool, but now it is in the 70s again and I am over it! I was so excited for the cool fall weather and I really did not want the temperature to start heating up again outside. I am a person who does not like the hot weather at all. Whenever the weather starts heating up in the spring, it just makes me mad. I don’t like being too warm and in the summer here, the temperatures get to be in the 90s. I really hate that, and I’ve actually thought about moving away because of it. I haven’t done it yet, but if this kind of weather keeps up, I may actually decide to do it. I always enjoy the cool fall weather around here, and this year it’s just not cooperating. I have to say that my central air conditioning system was ready for a break by this point in the year. I use my air conditioning system just about all the time because I am so hot natured. Since it was almost the fall, I was excited to start using the air conditioning and save money on my cooling bills. But now, the weather is still super warm, and the cold breezes that we usually have just aren’t showing up! If we start experiencing climate change around here, I’m going to have to pull up stakes and move somewhere cooler.



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