Making the HVAC unit a priority

Being a new homeowner has sure come with a lot of lessons.

I guess any big life change like this will present a new set of challenges.

However, I guess I was just so excited to be ditching apartment life and the poor heating and cooling that I glossed over some stuff. But once those house keys are in your hands, there is nobody else to turn to when things have to get done. I can’t call the rental company or the superintendent of the building to fix the HVAC. And when it comes to stuff like the yard, that’s all on me as well. For like the first four or five months of being a homeowner, I didn’t pay attention to any of this stuff. I was too busy enjoying the fact that I have my own place and I was building equity instead of just paying rent. But it didn’t take much longer for things to start piling up. And one of the things I really had to make a priority was the residential HVAC. Prior to me buying the house, the previous owner put in some really high level residential HVAC. It also came with all kinds of HVAC technology as well. But none of that matters if you’re not looking after that sort of investment. When you’re talking about spending thousands of dollars to have the best HVAC in a home, you got to take care of it. I started by joining the HVAC service plan so the HVAC maintenance is covered. I get heating maintenance in the fall and that is followed up by an air conditioning tune up in the spring. I’m also now remembering to be sure that I change the air filter every month without fail.
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