HVAC technology upgrade is great

When I’m wrong, I’m wrong and I have no problem admitting it.

  • And boy was I ever wrong when it came to the smart thermostat.

For years, my wife had been trying to get this sort of HVAC technology inside our home. And for years, I resisted that attempt. Perhaps I have a bit of a problem with overdoing technology. I know that my wife and I spend so much time in front of screens all day that I really didn’t feel like adding more technology to our house. On top of that, I wasn’t sure whether or not the smart thermostat really was worth the trouble or the money. I’ve always been the sort who really pays attention to the thermostat. We live in a region where the heat and humidity requires plenty of air conditioning. And if you’re not on top of the thermostat setting in this region, air conditioning demand can get out of control and cost you a ton of money. So I really didn’t see how adding new HVAC technology in the form of a smart thermostat was really going to make that big a difference. Again, when I’m wrong I’m really wrong. Of course, once we went ahead and had the HVAC professionals install the smart thermostat, it was awesome right away. Not only did I not have to do anything when it came to managing the heating and cooling costs of our home. The smart thermostat was so precise that it saved us almost 20 percent in air conditioning costs the first summer we had it. That is such an impressive result and the fact that I don’t have to think about the thermostat is pretty cool too.

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