Looking for ways to reduce heating and cooling costs

My local area experiences all four seasons.

The outdoor temperature swings from the mid nineties down to the negative digits.

The summers tend to be fairly short but are hot and especially humid. Both fall and spring are usually cold, windy and wet while the winters are long, snowy and freezing cold. While I appreciate the unique activities and benefits of each season, the weather is a constant challenge. We shut off the air conditioner one day and typically start up the furnace the next. The cost of heating and cooling adds up to approximately half of the household energy consumption. I am always looking for new opportunities to trim the cost of my utility bills. I spent a great deal of money updating all of the windows and exterior doors in the house. I’ve added insulation to the attic, walls and ceilings and paid close attention to the areas around plumbing pipes and electrical boxes. I installed ceiling fans to help create a cooling effect in the summer and help to distribute the heat in the winter. Every year, I buy a fresh tube of caulk and check for any leaks or gaps that might allow the heated and cooled air to escape. I am diligent about replacing air filters every month. In the fall, I schedule professional maintenance for the furnace. In the spring, I arrange upkeep for the air conditioner. During the service call, the technician tests performance, cleans components, lubricates moving parts, tightents electrical connections and completes a long list of tasks that ensures system reliability. This regular maintenance helps to prevent malfunctions, extend service life and maximize efficiency. Plus, professional tune-ups fulfill the furnace and air conditioner’s warranty requirements.

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