Going without Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C was a mistake

I’m about 1 or two steps away from living off the grid in a campervan or a tent at this rate.

I’m back in the United States for another week as well as I am so put off by all of the spending as well as consumption here it just makes myself and others want to check out from civilization totally.

I am close to that point now as I own no home, no car, as well as have no spouse or children. I’ve chosen to live simply overseas as well as it has given myself and others a lot of freedom that I otherwise wouldn’t have living in the States. But heating as well as A/C are important to myself and others as well as living off the grid completely in a tent or some kind of makeshift home without a temperature control idea is just a bit over the top for me. I have our total spending each month down to about $1250, which includes everything, however if I go much lower than that the quality of our living would decrease largely. My central Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C idea keeps myself and others comfortable year round, as well as making that amount of money each month only requires myself and others to work about 15 or so hours a week. I could work this amount of hours for the rest of our life, as it is basically just a area time job as well as can be done in our own home no matter where I am. The heating corp near myself and others keeps myself and others tied up on the side with heating as well as cooling component repairs as well as duct cleaning as well as sealing for some of their customers. It’s a pretty simple life I live nowadays.

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