I'm loving the warm climate living down south

I don’t suppose just how my husband managed it, we met in university plus fell in love; once my friend and I graduated, my friend and I both found jobs in a town not too far from where my friend and I went to university… But that easily hadn’t been the proposal for her; After years of living in a dorm room with radiant heating, my husband was easily ready to go back to his roots in the south… She much preferred the cooling system over dealing with that radiant heating in his dorm room. But once my friend and I both got jobs in the city, our lives just sort of went from there. Before long, my friend and I were talking about getting married. And then, my friend and I wanted to move to the suburbs, buy a house plus begin a family. So the plan that my husband was going to be done with hard winters plus welcome a heat pump back into his life did not materialize. So he has spent nearly 30 winters dealing with an oil or gas furnace plus all the snow plus ice that comes with this region, and I easily did not suppose any better until my friend and I recently moved to the south. My husband was able to take a current position in the commercial HVAC of the regional office down south. I, on the other hand, took the fortune of a retirement buyout plus I am working for myself as a consultant. But I have to say, I wish my friend and I had moved down here a long time ago. It’s Christmas plus the heat pump is silent as my friend and I need no demand for heating. Additionally, I am outside enjoying hockey, tennis plus biking all winter season thanks to the fantastic weather conditions where my friend and I simply live.

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