The smart thermostat beat me hands down at HVAC savings

I’ve always loved being a homeowner. And I had my first house not long out of college and into my first job. I spent a few years in apartments with loud neighbors and bad heating and cooling. That’s all it took for me to want to own my own residential HVAC and not share a wall with anyone. For some reason, being a homeowner came pretty naturally to me. I heard a lot of horror stories from other people about how tough it was to get accustomed to paying a mortgage and keeping up a home. But for me, it came quite naturally. The house I bought initially was a little starter home and I had to replace the HVAC equipment there. But I had that place until I got married and ended up making a profit off of it. But once we were married, my wife and I really wanted to get a family home for obvious reasons. So that’s what we did and again I found myself working with an HVAC contractor to replace the heating and cooling equipment. That HVAC unit was put in about seven or eight years prior to the smart thermostat. I really didn’t think I would need a smart thermostat as I was on top of programming my digital thermostat. And I was a super hawk when it came to air conditioning costs anyway. But my wife really wanted one and so we had a smart thermostat installed. I still thought it wouldn’t do as well as I did when it came to air conditioning savings. Well it didn’t do as well as I did. It did far better to the tune of nearly twenty percent more savings when it came to HVAC utility costs.


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