New heat pumps are the way to go

If you need a new heating & cooling appliance for your dwelling, a heat pump is a convenient & cost-effective choice.

The system efficiently delivers the heat you require on the occasional frosty winter days & the cooling you require while we were in our long tropical summertime seasons.

There is 1.5 to 3 times more heat convey energy provided by heat pumps than they entirely consume. They are 300% efficient, which pretty much means they convey several units of heat energy for every component of electricity they consume. Heat pumps with variable speed motors offer customized airflow rates! During sizable temperature swings, the system operates at its highest speed, but when it gets close to the temperature on the control appliance, the motor slows down & uses less energy. The variable speed motor uses about 66% less electricity when operating at the lowest speed needed. In addition to delivering more consistent temperature control, variable speed motors are perfectly quiet & circulate more air in your dwelling. Heat pumps with several-stage compressors have high seasonal energy efficiency ratios. Compared to a 12- to 14-SEER unit, their SEER ratings range from 16 to 21. Most of the time, the compressor runs on a low setting, which increases its efficiency. On the hottest summer time days, the compressor kicks up to top speed in order to keep your dwelling cool. The several-stage compressor eliminates frequent cycling, then fewer cycles means less wear & tear & low cost energy bills.


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